Oral Guidelines

The CAC-2018 oral sessions will be held in the McCain Arts and Social Sciences Building, 6135 University Avenue (shown at the right). The lectures will presented in the Scotiabank Auditorium and include five plenary lectures, six keynote lectures, and a special session in honour of Professor Yi-Zeng Liang.

Speakers are asked to provide a USB memory stick containing their presentation to the A/V coordinator no later than the break prior to their talk. Presentations not in standard formats should be provided further in advance.

Presenters must adhere to the scheduled presentation times to keep the program on schedule. The times are given below and include time allotted for questions.

Plenary Lectures - 45 min

Keynote Lectures - 30 min

Submitted Lectures - 15 min

Flash Presentations - 3 min

  McCain Building