Poster Guidelines

CAC-2018 welcomes about 70 participants to the Poster Session component of our program. The program has been designed to provide a high visibility to the poster presentations, with all breaks and the lunches being held in the poster venue in the McInnes Room of the Student Union Building. In addition, a Poster Social Event will feature the posters on Wednesday afternoon. Posters are a valuable component of our program and provide the maximum interaction between researchers.

Several Poster Awards will be presented at the closing of the conference to recognize outstanding poster contributions.

The format of the poster boards is shown below, with two posters assigned to each board. The available space for each poster on the board is 45 in. x 45 in. (115 cm x 115 cm). Posters may be longer than this, but will hang below the display area. Posters should not exceed the allotted width. Hardware will be provided for mounting the posters.

Posters should be put up before or during the coffee break on Tuesday, June 26. All posters will be available for viewing for the duration of the conference. Posters will be organized according to color codes and presenters should be available when the color code is "active" as indicated in the program. Posters should be removed by the coffee break on Friday morning.

Poster Board
  Student Union Building